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Dear Friend,

Tell me…

have you ever been to an event where no one really seemed to connect or know anyone else?

have you ever been to a party that had food, drink, and people but it just lacked an aspect of entertainment that would have made it memorable and fun?

have you ever been to a get together that is starting to feel like the same group doing the same activity on the same holiday and nothing ever new, different, or exciting happens?

Have you ever experienced any of these?

I know I have, and as a guest at an event like one of these, it can make for a very awkward experience.

I’m Nashville, TN magician Tim Friday and if you are hosting or organizing an event, I want to make sure this does not happen to you.


So… What Is It That I Provide?

It’s pretty simple and a lot of fun, I provide two types of magical entertainment:

  • Stand-up Magic Show – this is a show that plays for the whole room for up to 100 people. Strong, straightforward, crowd pleasing magic
  • Close-up Magic – this is a unique style of magic where a lot of the magic happens in the hands of the small groups of people I am performing for and is perfect for a cocktail hour when people are mingling. Close-up magic breaks the ice and gives people something to talk about as I make my way from group to group.

Some parties it works best to just go with close-up magic, others want the stand-up show, and I often do both at a party. Both are available for you and whatever is best for your event.

Whichever you choose here’s what you can count on:

  • Fun – Your party will stand out to your friends because of my playful, light-hearted, and entertaining style

  • Experience – You will have an experienced professional with me, I have been performing at parties and restaurants in the area for 3+ years and have over 80 five star reviews online!

  • Audience Involvement – You and your friends are involved and actually cause the magic to happen so everyone is impressed!


What Are Other People Saying?

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 Tim Friday



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