I had a unique gig the beginning of June. Chris had contacted me with a special request. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend Brittany but he wanted me to make the ring magically appear in her hand.

We ended up corresponding quite a bit and even met for lunch one day to go over the details. Chris really wanted to make this special and I thought it was a great idea. I knew I could make the ring appear in Brittany’s hand but still it was something that needed to right and there was only one shot to do it.

Chris also wanted to get the proposal on video. He wanted me to start at a few nearby tables so Brittany would not be suspicious. I was to go up to the tables and introduce myself telling them I am a local magician shooting a new video, and could I show them some magic and they would be in the video.

This went over great and Chris picked a great spot to do it – 12 South Taproom This is a place I like to go to from time to time and it was a great choice.
I don’t think they have ever had magic at 12 South Taproom but now they have.

I could continue writing but I think the video is much better, check it out:

I am also planning to take pieces of this footage for use for a new promo video. I will definitely be including the proposal but there are some other good shots I will use, stay tuned…

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A Magical Proposal on 12th Ave South

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