watch the video!
watch the video!

One great thing about close-up magic is there are certain tricks I do where the magic actually happens in your hands instead of mine!

Right now I’m doing at least 3 tricks where the magic literally happens your hands. One is a trick with some balls that vanish in from my hand and appear in yours, one is with some chinese coins, and this one in the video with a borrowed ring.

Many people have never experienced this style of entertainment. It is interactive and you actually get to be a part of the entertainment, much more than just an observer! In this sense, the entertainment becomes a part of the hospitality. When I perform at restaurants, the focus is on providing people with extra special hospitality.

While I mainly perform in the Nashville TN and greater Nashville area, I have been doing some performances in other nearby places like Athens AL, Hamlin KY, Bowling Green KY, Goodlettsville TN, and Radnor Lake.

I hope to share more about some of these other performances in upcoming blog posts…

The performance in this video was filmed at Mellow Mushroom Franklin TN where I perform every Saturday night 6pm to 8pm, I hope to see you there soon!

Amazing Magic with Borrowed Ring in Franklin TN

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