Con Game Story
Con Game Story

Because I perform for hundreds of people every week at restaurants and parties, I get a feel for how people view magic. When I introduce myself to people and tell them I’m a magician, one common response is “ok I’ll watch but you’re not gonna fool me.”

The interesting thing is much of magic is based on con games. A con game draws you in, but you lose (usually money). Magic draws you in, but it’s for entertainment. Con games and magic both use sleight of hand at some level.

In this video that was shot at Coco’s Italian Market where I perform close-up magic every Friday night, I present a con game with three cards. The three card monte style con game has been around for years. The version in this video is accompanied by a story of how I was drawn into this game and lost!

If you are interested in seeing live magic in Nashville, Friday nights at Coco’s Italian Market is a great choice. The food is wonderful authentic Italian.

One other option is in Franklin, TN at Mellow Mushroom. You can find me performing there on Saturday nights.

I feel strongly that it is important for high quality professional level magic to be available to the general public. When I perform in restaurants this is a great way to make available and I am grateful to be employed at both these restaurants.

Con Game in Nashville

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