It was a Saturday night and I was starting my close up magic performance at Mellow Mushroom in Franklin, TN, just south of Nashville when I noticed a man wearing an unusual shirt.

sweater with foxes
The Sweater with Foxes all over it


At first all I saw was the sweater, it was a grey long sleeve with little foxes all over it. I’ve never seen anybody wear a top like this one.

When I finally looked up at the man’s head I thought “That guy looks a lot like the New York Times Bestselling author, Jon Acuff.” Then I realized “Oh, that is Jon Acuff!”

Jon Acuff Twitter
New York Times Bestselling Author Jon Acuff, follow him on Twitter

The first time I heard Jon Acuff speak I was impressed at how he is so talented at weaving together humor and motivation. He has written several books about exiting your day job and making your dream job a reality. Since I was a sales professional but wanted to be a professional magician, I was immediately drawn to what Jon had to share.

Back to that night at the Mellow Mushroom in Franklin, TN. Jon was there with his family to eat dinner. They had already ordered and were waiting for their pizza so I went up and introduced myself as the magician and asked if they would like to see some magic. Right away Jon gave an enthusiastic “Yes!”

What a rush to perform for Jon Acuff and his family. I admit I was nervous and I don’t usually feel nervous when performing in a restaurant anymore because I’ve done it for so many years. Everything went well and Jon told me a funny story how one time his daughters thought a magician was coming to their house but it ended up being a musician.

After I finished the magic I shared with Jon that I’ve read his books for several years and that he really helped me transition to my dream job of being a magician.

To top things off the next day I saw that Jon wrote a blog post about me, what a thrill!

My only regret is I did not get a photo with Jon in that sweater with foxes all over it. Jon, if I ever run into you again, I hope you will be wearing that sweater because I would like to get a photo, it is a really cool sweater.

Photo with Jon Acuff
Jon Acuff at Parnassus Books In Nashville
The Man Who Wore a Sweater with Foxes All Over It