Tim Friday, Trade Show Magician in Nashville

A Marketing Dream Come True?

Trade Show Magician in Nashville, Tim Friday
Magic captivates the attention of trade show attendees

Imagine this: a crowd of prospects crammed around your trade show exhibit booth. They are listening intently to someone explaining the features and benefits of your company’s products and services. They are chanting the name of your company, burning it into their memory. Incredibly, this scenario repeats itself every thirty minutes.
A dream come true for the VP of Marketing? Not if you add Tim Friday to your marketing strategy. He combines your message with his magic to get visible results:

  • More traffic
  • Increased leads
  • Elevated profile


Why Magic?

Simple. Magic captivates the attention of show attendees, stimulates their thinking and primes the to receive information. Tim Friday creates a customized script around your brand benefits, so each prospect remembers you. Your sales force gets a springboard to launch a conversation to qualify each lead. Best of all, Tim Friday’s presentation encourages everyone to learn about your products, services and experience.

Trade Show Case Study

Tim Friday appeared at the Henry Schein Meeting to attract dental reps to a booth for St. Renatus. St Renatus makes a needle-free nasal spray anesthetic called Kovanaze for dentists.

Nashville Magician Tim Friday Performs at a Trade Show
Magic at trade shows is amazing and causes attendees to remember your company and products.

The dental reps didn’t expect to see a corporate magician, so Tim’s presence was a big hit with them. More importantly, Tim incorporated the Kovanaze marketing message with his magic, so everyone remembered the Kovanaze name.

When you are in Nashville for a Trade Show, contact Magician Tim Friday.
Trade Show attendees are engaged with a visual aide with your marketing message.

Was is successful?

St. Renatus CEO, Steven Merrick, said, “you did a wonderful job integrating our key messages into your magic show…It obviously worked, as we were voted best new product…your show enticed reps to stay and learn…I look forward to working with you in the future.”

The Power of Transformation

If you want to upgrade your trade show marketing strategy, contact Tim Friday. Tim has the power to deliver your message to more people, generate more leads and transform the way people think about your company. So, long after the show ends, your corporate image will remain… like magic.

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